500 Series System – STIGA

The brush cutter SBC500AE offers a great weight vs power ratio, with a 450 W brushless motor in only 3,4 KG. As all battery powered devices it needs very basic maintenance and produces very low levels of noise and vibrations. The 4,0 Ah battery provides 40 min of working time and a guaranteed sound power level of 96 dB(A). The lawn trimmer SGT500AE employs a 2,0 Ah battery for 20 min working time with a 380 W motor. A smooth and practical cutting experience is offered with just 3 KG of product, addressing any kind of customer be it for home garden or other contexts. The shaft is telescopic thus enabling the user to adjust its length for a much more customised experience. This Hedge trimmer, model SHT500AE, is equipped with a dual-action laser cut blade, which runs at 3500 spm, offering a working time lasting up to 50 minutes. Its turnable handle offers 5 different positions across 180°, enabling the final user to easily take care of the domestic hedge under any condition and very effectively. Its guaranteed sound power level is 94dB(A). The Blower SAB 500 AE is a very handy and practical tool, which offers 15 min working time with a 500 W brushless motor and only 2,6 kg of weight. It uses the same battery employed across all the other devices of the 500 Series System. Thanks to its ergonomics and easy operability it is able to satisfy the needs of an ample public for any kind of garden. For the dedicated page and extra images: https://desall.com/en/Products/On_The_Market

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