African Parks Facebook Advertising

African Parks is a conservation non-profit that manages 15 national parks in nine African countries. Through their effective anti-poaching measures, community-based conservation, tourism initiatives, and wildlife conservation, African Parks is seeing results. Two parks in Malawi under their management experienced a surplus of elephants that caused habitat degradation and human-wildlife conflict. So, in 2016, African Parks did something quite extraordinary; they began the movement of 500 elephants across a country - moving them from one park to help repopulate another. To build awareness for the move, African Parks asked Brick Factory to help them build their social following. One of our tactics was to start Facebook follower ads. We ran a one-month pilot program to set the groundwork for a long-term campaign. The result was 7,196 new followers and a final cost per follower of $0.07. This cost per follower is particularly impressive considering Facebook’s benchmark is $0.25-$0.50 for the United States.

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