Finding parking today is the last pain point in the entire car driving experience and causes roughly 30% of all city traffic. Every time a car is moved, drivers spend in average 20 minutes cruising to find parking which leads to significant air pollution and 500+ Mio. wasted hours per year alone in Germany. AIPARK helps drivers on the last mile with predictive and real-time availability information for millions of parking spots. This revolutionizes trip planning and ultimately minimizes the time needed to find parking. The patent-pending platform uses AI to detect and extrapolate parking patterns with sensor readings from 6+ Mio smartphones and combines this solution with thousands of real-time availability feeds from cities and parking operators. All types of parking spots (on-street/off-street, paid/free) are represented in already 140+ cities in multiple countries. AIPARK offers a driving assistance system as a service that supplies a dynamic last mile navigation to the open parking spot. We target mobility service providers, especially in the Automotive industry. The AIPARK API integrates and extends applications on all internet-enabled platforms: Connected Cars, Apps and Traffic Management Systems. Today, AIPARK is available in 14 countries and has 1 Mio. monthly active end-users through integrations with its B2B customers Volkswagen, Audi, Deutsche Bahn and plenty more. Traction until now: - Reached 3 Mio MAUs in the AIPARK data pool (crowdsensing data) reflecting the mobility behavior of approx. 17% of all German drivers, thereof 1 Mio MAUs by integrating the AIPARK SDKs in mobile apps of B2B customers (Audi, Deutsche Bahn, Das Telefonbuch … ) - Volkswagen as a customer (Integrations in UMA driver navigation and WePark parking payment apps), Mid-term yearly potential for API integrations with 1.7 Mio connected cars in the EU, long-term 10.8 Mio cars worldwide Awards: Won CEBIT Innovation Award 2018 (50k EUR prize), Won Founders Competition - Digital Innovation (7k EUR prize), Won Founders Competition Idea 2017 (5k EUR prize), Won EXIST program (120k EUR grant), Neumacher Founder’s competition 2018 for mobility, ITS World Congress 2018 Copenhagen Competition 2018,

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