Artfinder enables 10,000+ independent artists from 100+ countries reach a global audience of art buyers. Artfinder's artists are creative micro-entrepreneurs selling their paintings, prints, sculptures and more directly to all continents. Artfinder's artists are 50:50 male and female, which compares favourably to a traditional art market and galleries with a heavy skew towards male artists. Artfinder's women artists on average sell more and sell faster than their male counterparts. On the buyer side - Artfinder enables customers to purchase original art on any budget, helping many first time collectors discover the joy of owning original works of art and enables them to support artists directly. Artfinder is a truly crowd-based platform and its artist community engages in a number of crowd-sourced projects like helping Syrian children refugees ( Artists help each other become better at selling art and creating works by participating in a seller forum online. Artfinder charges a fair and transparent commission of 33% (compared to galleries charging often 50%+).

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