Attrace is a decentralised affiliate marketing platform using a custom made dedicated blockchain. It is one of the few REAL user cases (solving a massive problem) that can ONLY be solved by using blockchain tech. Affiliate marketing: A Publisher website advertises a Merchant product or service. Potential customers are redirected via this website to a Merchant product page and only when this results in a sale does the Merchant pay the Publisher a commission. Affiliate marketing is currently worth $13 Billion a year, but could account for a significantly greater share of the $260 Billion a year online advertising market, if only the fundamental problems around the middleman - the Affiliate Network - could be resolved. Attrace applies blockchain at the core of affiliate marketing by logging the agreements between the Merchants and Publishers and by linking a smart contract to every individual click generated by a Publisher, sale or no-sale. This makes middlemen obsolete. No difference for end-users except game changing advantages: • No more trust, tracking and transparency issues; • Middleman fees reduced with ~95% (25%! to 0.5%); • No more entry barriers for Merchants (providing longtail and emerging market advertisers with a true alternative for Google or display advertising).

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