Autobon AI

Autobon (Techstars ’18) is on a mission to upgrade America’s existing semi-trucks into safer and more efficient vehicles with the Autobon retrofit platform that delivers advanced driver assistance features, real time video and GPS tracking feeds, and access to Autobon’s online portal. Autobon’s vision is to ultimately automate the highway portion of long-haul trips with our Autopilot platform that has already proven Level 2 autonomous capabilities. Autobon utilizes a suite of video and thermal cameras, radar, and GPS to feed data into its proprietary software solution – enabling driver assist and real-time asset management to commercial trucking operators. This platform unlocks enhanced visibility with 360 video views around the vehicle for both the drivers and fleet owners, as well as a 25% reduction in insurance premiums for commercial trucking fleets. In addition, Autobon’s platform empowers a larger pool of drivers to safely and effectively operate semi-trucks by providing safety assistance features such lane departure and forward collision warnings. Our ultimate vision of automating the highway portion of the long-haul delivery will further alleviate the pressure on truck fleet owners to find sufficient and qualified long-haul drivers. Drivers are seeking to spend more time at home and with their families, and this will allow them to focus on the shorter routes upon exiting the highways. Automation will also allow us to unlock additional value, including a 40% reduction in accidents, 30% increase in fuel efficiency and 20% less dead-head miles.

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