BEES – BE a citizEn Scientist

"Be a citizen scientist" is the slogan of European Researchers' Night organized by Frascati Scienza in 36 Italian cities. 60 partners - research centres, educational institutes, universities, cultural and scientific centres and associations of science communication - will work together with citizens to increase the spread and relevance of the message that science and the researchers' work have to be actively participated by the society. Besides the hundreds science communication activities organized and promoted by Frascati Scienza in the previous 13 European Researchers' Night, some tasks are designed to specifically involve the public, and in particular young people, to be co-protagonist of the manifestation. This is the power of BEES that want to involve citizens not only in the debate about science but thrilling them in directly experience the discovery of science. Citizens are participating in mini citizen science projects, aiming to valorize the Italian cultural and scientific heritage, working together with researchers and in strong connection with the cities involved, enhancing the role of the researchers for the society and the relationship with policy makers and stakeholders.

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