Our Universal Natural Blockchain Language (UBL) let all talk to organizations, systems & machines without error and misunderstanding. Language is a human most powerful tool ever. People use language to share and trust and knowledge and to adapt & grow. UBL creates a new blockchain trusted knowledge society. It's the story of the digital tower of Babel. UBL machine generated code 10 X faster! It's like making a website using a wizard or template. NO programmers needed. UBL makes machine generated code that is error-free. Important, because blockchain is write only. how Hoe to get rid of errors on a blockchain? Human coding is that it relies on testing. Programmers are not good enough, sure you find some errors using testing. Even more, but you are never sure you find all human errors. UBL offers superior error-free machine generated instructions all people can read. Important again, because managers, lawyers & accountant must validate the instructions/code and run the business. For example. Two parties use a "smart contract" in a consideration of a real contract. Then all must read the "smart contract" to judges what parties signed. You can only verify instructions that you can read yourself. UBL is the common language needed to talk to the blockchain ledger.

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