Borrow a Boat

The UK's first peer-to-peer yacht charter platform, Borrow a Boat is an online and app boat charter marketplace for boat rental worldwide, featuring peer-to-peer visiting. Bringing the sharing economy to boating, Borrow a Boat is on a mission to open up boating to the masses, and is returning to Crowdcube after a 234% overfunded raise in 2017, and currently with 2 weeks to go, it has raised 174% over its target with 359 investors. Striving to be the AirBnb for boats, Borrow a Boat lists over 16,000 boats in 60 international countries and has cemented its position at the forefront of the new boat charter sharing economy. Marina's all over the world are full of boats that hardly get used and boat owners often struggle to find the time to use them. Boat ownership is a big commitment in terms of both time and cost and consequently it's not necessarily attractive to those wanting to experience instant access to boating. Last year 18 million people in the UK wanted to go boating, but only 4 million did (ref: British Marine, Futures Project), which demonstrates how the boat industry is currently under-serving the market - especially in a smartphone age when people expect to be able to quickly organise activities via web and app on a fully flexible, customisable and affordable basis. With the new mobile app and online platform, users can search for a boat in location to them in any of the 60 countries worldwide and are able to click and book for as soon as a same day booking. Whether it's booking a week's holiday on a skippered charter, or simply taking a day out on the water, Borrow a Boat ensures that creating the perfect charter is a hassle-free and seamless experience from start to finish, a unique selling point for the platform's customer base who seek experiential travel suiting their lifestyle.

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