Entertainment Experience

In 2011 Entertainment Experience® started in The Netherlands when Hollywood Director Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers, Basic Instinct & Black Book) asked the public to help him to make a movie. Everybody who ever dreamt about working in the entertainment business could join: script writers, actors, film makers, editors, directors, composers, musicians, set- and graphic designers, professionals and non-professionals, everybody could sign up. And so they did; 35.000 Dutch creative people signed up. It resulted in a beautiful 8 months cross media project with a power full corwd sourcing platform (including 150 TV episodes, events, viral campaigns, etc. etc.) in which Paul Verhoeven produced and directed, together with his Dream Team and the Entertainment Experience® community, and created the first User Generated Movie ever. The movie premiered at the Rome Film Festival and was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival NY, Dutch Film Festival 2013 and the Moscow Film Festival 2013. The project won an Emmy Award ‘Non Fiction’, an award at ‘’the One Show ‘’ and the Hurun Report Award (in China). To show you the quality of the outcome of the project please find below a link to the short documentary (which explains the project form Paul's point of view) and the 52 minutes movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. Full film : http://www.fccedistribution.com/video/Formats/Episodes/Entertainment_Experience_Tricked_Watermark/ Please keep in mind this movie was made for the Netherlands. The outcome of the project is of course very different in other territories and based on the local taste and governance! The movie is released in many countries including, Japan, France & the USA on VOD/DVD. After the Netherlands the Entertainment Experience landed in China, with John Woo and Zhang Ziyi in 2014. The prime time TV-show connected to Entertainment Experience was among the top 10 highest-rated shows in China at the beginning of 2015 and in total 350.000 Chinese creatives from the general public participated! Now the 3rd generation bi-lingual crowd sourcing EntXP platform will be launched during a new episode of the concept in the Middle East. An again the Entertainment Experience is giving young talent a platform to present themselves, interact and share with each other, learn from the professional feedback, reviews and master classes but most important... crowd source an entire movie....together. Please review the Entertainment Experience concept teaser: https://vimeo.com/313396692/a9da7ab738

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