BøthOfUs – CO2CO2 Puffs pollution map CO2CO2 Puff is a smart algorithm map, which uses real-time data to calculate pollution on a micro level. By looking at traffic patterns of congestion, street structure, weather, sunrise, cloud coverage, population, atmospheric stability and many other factors then comparing these patterns to local air quality and wind forces, the map can both give real-time information and future predictions on pollution levels of an area or even of a single street where the air measurement stations are not available. The goal is to make predictions as accurate as 80-90% by 2020 (depending on the country and its available data), the CO2CO2 Puff map can be used by city planning commissions, transport companies, real estate agencies and residents in designing cleaner cities. Offering its data digitally and in real time, CO2CO2 Puff is accessible to anyone, creating awareness of climate change and supporting sustainable low-carbon environment efforts.

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