Millenium Project

A global collective intelligence system on the future open to expert and general public that can systematically collect, analyse, synthesize, and learn from responding to feedback to continually improve strategic intelligence and wisdom. A simple, attractive online user interface would provide the current global situation, prospects for the future, and actions to improve the human condition. The initial system has already been created with several elements: 1) 15 Challenges (both global and local (these will evolve with feedback, changing conditions, and research); 2) Global Futures Research (over 55 now, but with support, the integration of all reasonable futures research by others); 3) Futures Research Methodologies (37 methods so far, all up-datable); 4) Real-time Delphi software; 5) Nodes around the world (institutions/people global local interactions); 6) Comment/feedback ability on all information elements with in 1-6. Hence, it manages content, organizes expertise, tracks comments and changes in documents, and supports prioritization though its unique Real-Time Delphi software. The current menu for each challenge: 1) Situation (what is, ought, and how to address the gap); 2) Report (both short 5+ page-overview and longer several hundred pages of details); 3) News (RSS feeds, searchable, transferrable to scanning for longer term storage); 4) Scanning (items deemed significant for longer term impacts); 5) Models (conceptual and computer models); 6) Web resources; 7) Books; 8) Papers; 9) Edits (sequence of edits); 10) Comments; and 11) Digest (executive dashboard of changes in all menu options). This system was chosen based on learnings from building previous systems.

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