is the only social network where people all over the world speak to each other through drawings, creating spontaneous visual conversations without regard to geography or language. We encourage people everywhere to make art on our platform and we believe that this art has value that should belong to their creators. We have created a decentralized art gallery on Ethereum where people can buy provably rare, original digital drawings created by artists on DADA. To date, DADA has over 160K registered users worldwide and over 100,000 drawings made by artists from 60 countries. We are pioneers in the creation of provably rare digital art. We launched our first collection on the Ethereum blockchain in late October of 2017, a month before Cryptokitties. DADA was conceived in 2014 by artist and entrepreneur Beatriz Helena Ramos who, as a successful commercial artist in New York, realized that she didn’t own the intellectual property rights to any of the work she had created for some of the biggest brands in the world, and that she was making only a tiny fraction of the millions of dollars in value she was helping create for those brands. She realized that the deck is stacked against artists and decided to do something about it. Only a tiny percentage of the millions of artists in the world ever gets to actually make a living exclusively from their art. The “art world” is an elitist and unbreachable billion-dollar market guarded by gatekeepers who are only interested in art as a commodity and speculative investment. We believe that art needs to be present in everybody’s lives. For the first time in history, the blockchain allows the creation of unique digital assets that can be safely and transparently transacted. Smart contracts ensure that artists get royalties on secondary sales, something that does not happen in the analog art market. NFTs promise an explosion of collaborative creation between individuals and platforms. The world is ready for a much bigger, much more inclusive, democratic, open and vibrant art market.

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