Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a product, part, system, process or network that allows you to see how it will perform, sometimes even before it exists. Unlocking true real-world representation in a digital twin can drive value in your business through the following areas: • Virtual Commissioning: Digital twins can be used to model new capital investments, diagnose financial performance and map detailed financials prior to any money being spent • Planning complexity: Ability to instantaneously adapt plan to variables that exist in the real world driving optimized performance against key metrics. Ability to plan disparate but dependent resources using stochastic performance. • Online Diagnostics: Running the digital twin in parallel with the real machine can provide valuable insight into where a problem might arise as the machine’s response drifts from the model as it ages. • Production Sensitivity Anlaysis: Scenario modelling allows the ability to model unforeseeable impacts to complex production and understand the true cost of failure (processing vs pack) • Network Optimisation: Complex models become simple objects allowing full end-to-end modelling, optimisation and simulation of entire network using stochastic probability both inside and outside the factory. A correctly generated Digital Twin can be used to dynamically calibrate the operational environment in order to positively impact every phase of the product lifecycle; through design, building and operation.

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