800 million Africans have access to mobile phones, but less than 80% of them can afford to use those phones to get online. BRCK is a Nairobi-based technology company whose vision is a world connected, where the last mile of connectivity is as seamless in Africa as it is in the United States. To achieve this vision, we have built on our patented hardware technology (the SupaBRCK, see below), to launch Moja WiFi, a free-to-consumer public WiFi network where anyone within range of a signal can connect to the internet, or engage with videos, images, articles, music, and other entertaining/informative content stored on the platform. The Moja platform addresses two major problems: the access and affordability of internet. These obstacles hinder communities in emerging markets (in this case specifically Kenya) to leverage digital access for improved well-being and economic enhancement. Existing operators are not delivering connectivity services cheap enough for widespread adoption across lower socioeconomic strata. The solutions are not affordable for ordinary people. Without widespread adoption, middle and lower income Kenyan consumers are not actively using financial, e-government, and other valuable digital services on a regular basis. The Moja Platform was conceived by BRCK to provide a financially profitable model for delivering free and ubiquitous connectivity to consumers in emerging markets. Through the creation of a network economy platform that provides for engagement in the full range of 21st century economic activities, Moja is able to offer free-to-consumer (no direct cash cost) Internet access. By solving the issue of affordability for consumers in these markets, Moja ensures the highest penetration of users and, by extension, the largest volume of network economic activities. Once a Moja user is registered on the system, they will be able to start participating in micro-tasks that earn them points within the network. In addition, the user will be able to spend these points to increase the performance of their connection and to access premium content. The initial types of micro-tasks available to the user include activities like watching an advertisement or sponsored content, taking surveys, or making a referral. Users elect to perform tasks when they need to increase their points and they are able to set performance levels for their connection that automatically deduct points as they use the system. Moja is currently available in more than 1000 hotspots in Nairobi and Kigali engaging with over 250K unique monthly users a month, with an additional 500 hotspots going live by the end of the year.

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