Enterprise Bot

Enterprise Bot is an Artificial Intelligence company that builds white-labeled cognitive solutions for enterprises. Our technology improves customer service experience of enterprises by providing 85 times faster and high-quality responses at 40% of the cost through AI chatbots leading to increased productivity. Our digital assistants are available 24/7 on all preferred platforms be it an in-app, website or social media channels. Our unique approach is designed for corporate clients keeping in mind their three major requirements for Security, Agility, and Reporting. Enterprise Bot uses neural networks and vector-based models that provide a highly accurate solution. There is a Natural Language Processing engine that parses the data and understands the context of the conversation in different ways that the user types the query. This provides the bot ability to hold context and the user can ask follow-up questions based on the topic being discussed. The machine learning engine has already been fed millions of data points specific to the financial industry which also improve accuracy. The solution also provides for a speech input whereby the data is converted to text using Google or Nuance recognition tools that are the market leaders in the field. At the moment, the technology supports English, Dutch and German languages and the company is soon looking to add French and Italian. The technology stacked is owned by Enterprise Bot which allows for on-premise deployments. This is a key feature that helps circumvent data security issues which are a common problem for financial institutions that manage sensitive data and have to adhere to ECB regulations and compliances. Our primary focus has been on the financial services industry and our clients include the SIX Group, AfterPay (an Arvato group company), Generali Switzerland. We have a partnership with PwC Switzerland with whom we are working on a project with for a Swiss health insurance client. Additionally, we have been a part of the Startupbootcamp FinTech programme in London, F10 in Zurich and Platform X by Virgin Trains in London. We are proud to announce that our chatbot ‘Sofie’ for AfterPay has been in production for more than one year now with an accuracy of above 95%. Our AI product is built on the strong foundation of extensive experience, knowledge, and research in FinTech domain which makes it difficult for anyone to duplicate. We pride ourselves in delivering pre-trained, plug and play solutions that fully meet our clients’ requirements with minimal resource effort at the client's end as compared with platforms such as IBM's Watson or LUIS.

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