ETHLend is a marketplace which enables people to borrow funds against their crypto holdings. Our mcompetitive advantage is the transparency we are able to provide, by operating completely on Ethereum blockchain and using Smart Contracts to create immutable peer-to-peer transactions. With features such as integrated wallet and interoperability with Bitcoin, ETHLend puts user friendliness above all. ETHLend is one of the first decentralized applications (so called "dapps"), where the user experience is as seamless as using any traditional application. The dapp solves the liquidity challenge of being cash-poor, but crypto-asset rich: borrowers can request secure loans by pledging their cryptocurrency assets as collateral to receive spendable funds. It basically enables borrowers to keep their exposure to cryptocurrency without the need to sell the assets when unexpected expenses occurs. ETHLend has been able to create one of the most used applications on Ethereum and hence the entity behind ETHLend (Aave) has been recognised as the top blockchain-based lending startup by PwC ( Key numbers and achievements: - Raised 18million USD with an ICO at the end of 2017 - 20 million USD in lending volume during 2018 - 200 borrowers and 300 lenders mostly located in Europe - 7% loan default rate and 15% margin call rate (latter happens when collateral value decreases significantly)

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