The founders of Exago believed in the power of the wisdom of the crowd to help companies solve their key business challenges. In 2007, they created a pioneering algorithm, based on predictive markets, to filter and select the best ideas of a company’s most valuable resource: its people. The US-patented algorithm, which mimics the stock market, ensures the selection and implementation of the best ideas while reducing herd behaviour, making it effective, transparent, sustainable and, above all, engaging. Gamification mechanisms, with digital currency, points systems, leaderboards, solid incentives, rewards and recognition, ensure the process is fun and gets everyone aboard the organisation’s innovation challenge.

With clients across the globe, the Exago platform has expanded to new geographies and new industries every year. It is now used by over 1 million active users, in five continents and in nine languages.

Exago is continuously evolving its existing offering, while also developing value-added solutions for growing business demands in an age of constant innovation. Its latest development is a new mobile app, which ensures the idea management platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Innovation is literally in your hand!

It is also taking steps in open innovation, leveraging new technologies and the innovation expertise of the Exago team to extend the innovation sphere to external stakeholders and communities.

In a nutshell, Exago stays true to its belief in the power of crowdsourcing. After all, its slogan is ‘Innovation Comes Together’.

Steps | Log in -> Vote project -> Vote now -> Confirm Vote -> Be BOLD

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