Substandard and counterfeit drugs are a massive problem around the world, resulting in the deaths of up to 1 million people every year and with an estimated market size of 200 Billion USD. FarmaTrust is the perfect partner for addressing the problems currently facing the Pharmaceutical Industry. As a future-proof blockchain and AI based provenance system for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, FarmaTrust’s digital services create efficiencies and transparency for the supply chain, eases the burden of the compliance requirements, reduces costs and eliminates counterfeit or substandard drugs. The system creates immutable and incorruptible records to ensure data integrity as well as using “smart contracts” to automate processes leading to significant cost savings for its customers. FarmaTrust's regulatory compliance and track-and-trace tools with help Pharmaceuticals and logistics providers remain in compliance while also aiding regulators and governments in monitoring their jurisdictions and holding companies accountable. The supply chain visibility features will provide every member of the supply chain with an accurate and verifiable full-picture of the supply chain in which they operate.

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