GenetX acting in booming markets: Nutritional consultancy, Genetics and Microbiome testing The changes in nutrition/medicine will be complete without precedent, we are all different and actual nutrition/medicine proved already their limitation. We are implementing precision in nutrition/medicine and our promise is to provide the right solution (nutrition, treatment or prevention) to the right person at the right moment each time, based on genetic profile. With our nutritional assessment digital platform (NutriCare) we: o Empower nutritionist/clinicians and patients to make a healthy nutritional decision o Democratize access to information, to find a therapeutic nutritional solution for everybody We are covering the following client needs: o Eat healthy, providing: Exact quantities of Food & Nutrition supplements intake recommendations using proprietary algorithms o Efficient Treatment, through pharmacogenetic advice o Prevent, through screening we identify genetic variances with a high risk of developing cancers and other diseases o Find the impact of physical activity on body metabolism Our service has several worldwide unique competitive advantages: o Most comprehensive gene/genetic variations panel o Not losing time with daily data insertion o Not necessary to follow a daily meal plan o Take into consideration the largest spectrum of personal data: microbiome, body composition, food preferences/intolerances, basal metabolism, and physical activity GenetX will be a top player in PREVENTION through NUTRITION market segment and will contribute with scientific knowledge to new product development, providing new benefits to customers based on the latest discoveries in nutrigenetics and epigenetic science. We will scale our business globally using both channels: 1. B2B channel: 1.1 FREE access at the digital platform for medical doctors, nutritionists, dietitians to improve their service quality. 1.2 Sale nutrigenetic, microbiome tests through: o Specialists (nutritionists, dietitians, fitness trainers, etc.) o Institutions / Medical Centers o Specialized shops: fitness centers, beauty, naturists . 2. B2C Channel: 2.1 FREE access to EVERYBODY at the digital platform to find necessary food/nutrients to cover STANDARD (no need for genetic test) or PERSONALIZED nutritional needs. Smart consumers will have the possibility to find solutions on their own. To be able to identify PERSONALIZED nutritional needs, they need to perform genetic, microbiome tests, other analysis, and this sale will be our revenue. 2.1 Online nutrigenetic, microbiome tests sales through relevant online shops.

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