With its #1 urban mobility app, Moovit provides the most comprehensive transit information in one free app in more than 2,700 cities around the world in 88 countries and in 44 languages. How does a company of only 140 employees amass that kind of coverage globally? Crowdsourcing. Moovit’s network of local editors called “Mooviters” are passionate users who help map and maintain local transit information in cities that would otherwise be unserved. Moovit adds a new city to its app every 15 hours, and Mooviters account for 65 percent of the hundreds of cities Moovit opens every year. Moovit’s crowdsourcing project currently has active projects in 210 countries, territories and autonomous regions around the world. This shows the breadth of engagement from Mooviters around the world and showcases how important public transit is to citizens around the world. Before Moovit started, Roy Bick, Moovit Co-Founder, found there was no accurate information for public transit available in his hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel. He took matters into his own hands and mapped all the public transit stops himself. When Bick and two others founded Moovit in 2012, they soon realized that by creating the Moovit Editor platform, they could expand cities far quicker by opening up their proprietary tool to crowdsourcing in local communities rather than dispatch Moovit engineers to each city. People responded well. Today, more than 550,000 people contribute their time and efforts to add public transit data to Moovit’s app through the Editor platform. The Mooviter program has expanded to create an Ambassador Program for the most active experts which includes meet-ups and local events like the City Experts program, while “Mapathons” have taken place all around the world through the Moovit University Program. The Mooviter program even had a Mapathon in Turkey that was organized by a visually impaired transit rider to ensure the benefits of Moovit were brought to the blind community. The Mooviter program has been a key reason for people having more access to public transit around the world and has been recognized as the “Wikipedia of Transit.” Mooviter Example:

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