is an open and inclusive recruitment ecosystem that empowers candidates to ensure full data privacy and efficiently share their professional identity and career ambitions with recruiters and HR applications by updating a single profile. Recruiters uncover formerly hidden top talent by directly contacting appropriate candidates and save money and time by automating the sourcing and CV pre-screening of the free, shared talent pool. HR applications, such as matching solutions, freelancer portals, and job referral platforms, receive permissionless access to potential candidates without the need to build a proprietary database or pay intermediaries. Three key areas characterize the majority of blockchain projects: Provenance, finance, and identity. While ventures based on provenance and finance have gained significant traction in recent times, identity projects still lack noteworthy adoption. closes this gap by applying the decentralization and data ownership attributes of blockchain technology to professional identities. We at gust have the go-to-market strategy to take the former geek technology to the next level and introduce blockchain technology to mainstream adoption. combines real-life benefits for candidates with an inclusive ecosystem for all recruiters, agencies and HR applications. We do not compete with incumbents but empower the recruitment revolution on the shoulders of giants. Developed by an outstanding team of HR, tech, and business professionals and supported by executive leaders of the recruitment industry, has gained significant traction within a short amount of time. In January, we start a pilot project with several partners on our running blockchain PoA prototype. We partner with large recruitment agencies (Major Players, Arrows Group, Wiser Elite, Weissenberg Potentials) to rapidly grow the ecosystem. With this strategy, we already reach 700k candidates. In addition, we have signed letter of intents of and start integration with innovative HR Tech solutions (, Remote-How, TomsFive, jobvertising). As our go-to-market strategy, we focus on digital candidates in Central Europe, before we scale to other sectors and geographies. Digital candidates are tech-affine and hard-to-find, making them ideal users of

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