The idea of Helperbit came up in 2014 to the Engineer Guido Baroncini Turricchia, as a result of the increased awareness about inefficiencies in the management of funds for humanitarian emergencies. Realizing in how many scandals the emergency management had been involved after the earthquake in L’Aquila, Guido came up with an idea: to use the blockchain public register to make visible the flow of money in the entire charity sector. In this way many of the problems associated with opacity would be mitigated. It is with this intuition that Helperbit came alive, a project that aims to radically change the way in which we deal with emergencies, focusing in particular in the humanitarian assistance and charity sector. Helperbit uses only the bitcoin blockchain, that is the unique robust infrastracture that can guarantee the traceability of funds and help the disintermediation. Our project is useless without the blockchain technology, only passing through its features we can unlock that economic potential blocked due to lack of transparency in donation process. We developed a transparency donation platform where people can donate directly to NGOs for generic causes or to other entities (such as civil protections, hospitals, municipalities..) involved in the emergency management. Even verified single users in need can directly benefit from worldwide donations. Donors can track the donations in real time and monitor the use of funds thanks to the blockchain. The donations are peer to peer, directly from donors to beneficiaries; the money can be immediately spent, even if there is not a banking infrastructure, and this flow is resilient against government manipulation. The startup, founded in 2016, launched the donation transparency platform in November 2017 in the Italian Parliament and more than 15 non profit organizations are already raising funds with this innovative approach. The total volume moved within the platform is greater than 26 bitcoins (about €100.000 at current exchange rate) and the most important users are Legambiente, the first big Italian NGO that accepts bitcoin donations, Swiss Re Foundation and Emergenza Sorrisi. The team is composed by 3 people in charge of the technical unit and other 3 are focused on business and administrative aspects. The company was awarded as the best Fintech startup by EU Commission. It also won other 6 startup awards (D10e conference in Amsterdam, GTEC competition in Berlin, Blockchain Hub in Graz, ABI competition, Startupitalia Open Summit ‘18 and Italian round of Global Social Venture Competition in Milan) and was selected in the top 100 innovative projects for the World Humanitarian Summit, which was sponsored by the United Nations.

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