Impress Marcelo with Your Football Tricks in Augmented Reality

INDE’s BroadcastAR Interactive system – featuring Brazil and Real Madrid football player Marcelo – debuted at an Adidas Tango League event in Los Angeles in June 2018, followed by similar events in Berlin, Madrid, Milan and Paris, around the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup. The experience allowed Tango League participants to meet Marcelo and impress him with their football tricks, bringing the football star to life in real time at each location. As players stepped in front of a giant AR screen, they were challenged by Marcelo to show him something impressive within a given time limit. Once their tricks were complete, Marcelo expressed his opinion – by either giving a thumbs up, or with a clear sign of “this could have been better” –, after which he posed for a photo with the player. The picture of the freestylers and Marcelo, along with a video of the entire performance, were automatically captured by the AR system, so they could easily be shared online with just one click. What makes this fully immersive, live AR experience particularly unique is that the INDE team needed to incorporate a 2D character into a setting that usually operates with 3D animated characters. To offer participants a highly realistic encounter with Marcelo, it was the actual football star that they got up-close and personal with in Augmented Reality. Marcelo’s movements were captured in a green screen environment, and the different scenes were seamlessly blended together to achieve a continuous flow. Since the first Tango League installations – that generated massive interest in the AR platform and the technology – the system has been deployed in multiple locations and various events across Europe, including Adidas stores in Budapest and Bratislava, the FIFA eWorld Cup in London, a shopping mall in Prague, and a Tango League event in Amsterdam.

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