Improovo is a web platform that matches training supply with demand according to the crowdsourcing model. Companies publish their training request (open call) on the platform, making them open to the training providers subscribed to Improovo. They can submit their proposal if they are able to meet the requirements and if they are interested in the project. After reviewing the training proposals, companies choose the preferred provider. is completely free for companies that are looking for training. Trainers have to pay a service fee only if their proposal has been successful. There are many advantages for companies: -Improovo is easy and fast: company publishes its needs by an easy online form It’s completely Free -They have more choice: companies can evaluate several proposals that meet their needs simply by using the platform -They always obtain Taylor-made proposals There are also advantages for trainers: -They have more profit margins, thanks to the direct relation with the company -Improovo is vheap as the transaction fee is very low (12%-18% of the value of the proposal) -Merit-based: Improovo provides all the information on training providers needed to make the best choice -And of course improovo provides them new opportunities to sell, without investing money and time in business development This is our team: Germano Verì is the CEO, He’s been working for more than 10 years in Italy and abroad in consulting and training companies in sales roles. Maurizio Melandri is the CTO, He’s a long-term experience in web development and consulting. He’s also the organizer of the Wordpress community in Romagna. Giorgio Minguzzi is the CMO, He already had an experience with a Startup in Boston in 2010, he is a marketer with a specific focus on inbound marketing and CRM In the first and second quarter 2016 the idea has won several awards and the company was founded in June starting with an amount of funds of about 100.000€ from founders and a bank loan. In Q4 2016 We presented our beta version at the Expotraining and in Q3 2017 we launched the final version of Now we have achieved more than 100 companies and 250 trainers subscribed, and we are looking for partners, investors, etc that really want the meet the challenge and help us to grow.

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