We at Influitive have created a platform that is used by companies to discover, nurture and mobilize their customer advocates. Essentially it is a crowdsourcing platform. Our customers use this platform to have their customers do a lot more of the marketing, sales, customer success and product innovation work for them. There are so many stories we can tell you, it may be better to take a look at this e-book that has the winners of the BAMMIES awards, which has several inspiring stories ( We can have one of these companies submit their projects, or you can vote on our general platform. For example Cisco leveraged their advocates to generate over 4000 pieces of customer-generated content, dwarfing the production of their marketing employees. Wiley crowdsources their customer success processes, decreasing customer churn by 14%, saving tens of millions of dollars a year. ADP uses their community to come up with new ideas for products and services. The companies of the future will be more than merely customer-centric, or even customer-obsessed: they will be customer-powered. More info here:

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