Integreat – Digital collaboration between municipalities

Can we provide the people arriving in our city with all relevant information in their native language as quickly as possible? Even without permanent Internet access and without confusing paper chaos? We also asked ourselves these questions in 2015. The result is Integreat, an effective and low-threshold solution. A digital platform that communicates all relevant information to newly immigrated people in several languages at the local level. It is a holistic service ecosystem for cities, counties and organisations that want to break down language barriers and create information transparency. The focus is on the integration of people with an migration background. More than 300.000 people used Integreat in 2018, 43 cities and counties are part of the community network, 398 experts from different cities are providing the content, while our team is developing the whole platform with an Open Innovation aspect. Once a quarter we hold an open developer conference at the TU Munich, half of which is made up of volunteers and half of which is made up of full-time team members. Almost all strategic decisions of the project are made at these developer conferences together with the community. The 43 municipalities share the costs of the project among themselves. The project is controlled and coordinated by a specially founded non-profit organization (Tür an Tür - Digitalfabrik gGmbH), which promotes developments under an open source license. In 2016 the project received the Integration Award of the Government of Swabia, in 2017 the Social Impact Award of the Technical University of Munich and in 2018 honored it as one of 10 lighthouse projects in Germany with 250.000 Euro prize money.

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