Kinder Donations

Kinder is a one-stop-shop for effective giving that facilitates real public engagement. We make sure you can easily donate to effective charities working on causes you care about. Kinder makes donating simple. We provide you with effective donation options that fit your preferences. Every organisation has been thoroughly assessed by experts. We make sure your donations are well spent. The best way to feel good is to do good. With Kinder, you know your contribution is making a difference. How are we doing this? Kinder Vetting Framework, Assessing charitable organisations Our state-of-the-art vetting framework evaluates the performance of charitable organisations based on transparency, accountability, competence and effectiveness. Kinder World, Reporting news from the charitable sector Our in-house media platform Kinder World is all about informing the general public about the world of doing good and inspiring them to donate to effective charities. Kinder widget, Donate with a click Kinder Widget is a donation tool that can be added to any page to facilitate direct donations to charities mentioned in articles, stories and opinion pieces. Kinder app, Explore and donate to effective charities The Kinder app is the next step in our smart donation tools. The app makes it easy for donors to find information about and donate to charities working in cause areas they care about. Kinder Consultancy, Taking the charitable sector to the next level Kinder aims to support charitable organisations by sharing its findings with them. We provide these charities with relevant information on how to improve their performances and become better at what they do.

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