Linknovate is a Technology Scouting and Competitive Intelligence company with presence in more than 200 countries. We are a startup founded in 2012, in Palo Alto (CA) at the Stanford University accelerator program, with the objective to help companies identify emerging technologies, and technology-enabled markets, and the key-players behind them. Linknovate provides "Competitive Intelligence as a Service". We do this by developing software tools, like our search engine: and by providing personalized reports (which involve analysts work and human curation beyond machine learning and Natural Language Processing). We serve clients in multiple industries such as energy (Repsol), automotive (Faurecia, BMW), consumer electronics (Jabil Inc.), healthcare (Acis), biotech (IBA-Group). Our web portal uses machine learning and advanced data analytics to unlock a systematic analysis of the huge amount of data (not only scientific, but also industrial) that is being generated every day about new products, new technologies, new IP and new markets, and we transform it into insights to show you these trends before they are obvious. Thanks to our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP), Name Extraction and Record Linkage algorithms, we are able to generate profiles of the companies you know and the ones which usually fly under-the-radar, for the topics you are interested in. We take competitor tracking and partner identification to the next level, and save you time dedicated to develop state-of-the-art analysis, mechanical and boring data gathering and data processing, so that you can use it in decision-making based on insights and intel we provide you.

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