Mammoths Resurrected using AR at the Florida Museum of Natural History

The large-screen Augmented Reality [BroadcastAR] experience created by INDE was installed at the central gallery of the Florida Museum of Natural History in January 2018. The AR screen was placed near one of the largest mammoth skeletons in North America, standing over 14 feet tall, and approximately 16.000 years old. As visitors step in front of the BroadcastAR screen, they instantly find themselves standing beside a life-sized mammoth skeleton, followed by an animated Columbian mammoth with her calf approaching viewers. The experience allows participants to interact with the mammoths – and other characters such as a saber-toothed cat and an alligator – in a highly realistic immersive environment in which real-world elements are perfectly blended with 3D digital content. The experience has been a huge success, mainly due to the fact that the digital animals appear exceptionally natural and lifelike. In order to achieve this level of quality during the modeling and animation process, INDE was working closely with FLMNH exhibition designers and researchers to “resurrect” creatures that once roamed the earth. The scientific input from the museum's side in INDE's production was indispensable, contributing to the unique educational value of the experience. According to data gathered from a number of previous large-screen AR installations done by INDE in museums across the United States, 95% of visitors express measurable positive reactions to the Augmented Reality experience, which significantly influences the overall visitor satisfaction. Furthermore, the AR experience can increase engagement time within the exhibit space by at least 3-12 minutes. [Note: The data was gathered in a non-invasive way and in compliance with privacy regulations, not recording or storing images/video of participants, only measuring age, gender and mood.]

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