The Mars Generation – Abigail Harrison aka Astronaut Abby

The Mars Generation is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by then 18-year-old Abigail Harrison, known to many as Astronaut Abby. At 13 years old, Abby was embraced by the space community as a leader of her generation, the Mars generation. At the age of 15, Abby built an outreach program, the Future of Space to excite kids and adults about space and STEM/STEAM. Abby credits the forming of The Mars Generation to the massive support she has received over the years from her online community of almost 1 million people. With the amazing support of many professional mentors on the advisory board, Abby launched The Mars Generation nonprofit. The focus of The Mars Generation is building a stronger tomorrow by energizing our youth today about space and STEM and educating kids and adults about the importance of deep space exploration to humankind. The Mars Generation will serve as a catalyst to identify students with an interest in STEM and nurture their study in STEM education. The Mars Generation is volunteer-driven with executive and advisory boards of leaders from the space industry as well as nonprofit, education and business sectors. Collaborating with many other space and STEM organizations, The Mars Generation reaches a broad audience, creating a groundswell of support for space exploration and compelling funding of space exploration benefitting the future of the Mars generation.

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