MenaPay is the first Islamic finance compliant payment solution working on blockchain structure to solve the payment problems in the Middle East & North Africa. In Mena region, there is 450 Million population who are unbaked/underbanked and living cash oriented life. %80 percent of them does not have a credit card and not using traditional payment solutions due to their beliefs. They do not trust traditional banking solutions. Therefore they can not do online purchasing. Merchants are having hard times to get payment from this population via cash. They have to deal with 18 countries, different currencies, different cross border money transfer costs and refund payment operations. MenaPay solves all these problems for merchants and for end users at the same time in the region by transforming of Cash payment model into Digital payment model without having a bank account or a credit card. MenaPay's payment transactions are on Blockchain on Stellar platform. The Blockchain structure makes MenaPay the first İslamic Finance Compliance payment solution by its nature of witnessing the ability of Blockchain. The Blockchain structure also provides an Instant Audit ability for transactions, cashout and Money movements in banks account of MenaPay by 3rd party Audit companies who have installed MenaPay's Node Servers. MenaPay uses a Permissioned Blockchain to provide transparency to the community and privacy for the merchants not to revealed their transactions to each other. All companies who are willing to monetize population in the Middle East and North Africa. eCommerce companies like,, digital service providers like Netflix, Spotify...etc The population in Mena region who are unbanked or underbanked who do not have any credit card or using any traditional banking solutions. over 450 Million people from the region. In phase 2, the Global Muslim population. For end-users who do not have a credit card or using any traditional banking tools, they will have the ability to do online payments for the first time. For Merchants' side MenaPay solves problems and barriers to expand their business in the region: o Islamic Finance Compliant payment solution o Over 450 Million people to reach for the first time o Multicurrency problem – Stable Currency Solution o Conversion Problem to Fiat Currency – Stable Currency Solution o The high cost of Cross Border Money transfer o Long Cash Out and settlement problems – Instant Cashout o Security and Fraud on payment – Blockchain o By Blockchain process lower cost of transaction Fee o Instant Audit – Transparent and Secure o Conversion It makes MenaPay the first Islamic Finance compliant payment gateway to monetize Mena population without having a credit card or a bank account. Decrease cost of the transactions %2 Decrease cross border money transfer cost %5 - %10 Decrease settlement time from 2 weeks to 1 day. Provides a secure platform - decrease the cost of security MenaPay provides a solution from Dubai but for all population in MENA region. It will transform the cash payment into a digital payment model. It will digitalize the payment experience. It solves the Islamic Finance barrier for Merchants to monetize the region easily.

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