Mindhive – The World’s First Crowdsourced Consultancy Platform

We’re the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy, where our most pressing issues are solved by the power of many. We’re something bigger. An insight marketplace of ever-expanding expertise and innovation. For 15 years, our team of five ex-Oxford strategists and policy leaders have been re-thinking the think tank; perfecting engaging, diverse thinking into the most progressive problem solving. Mindhive - the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy - is the result. The purpose of this innovative award-winning platform is to engage and harness the power of collective problem solving and address our most pressing issues. Launched in 2014, Mindhive has allowed organizations to digitally cast their net wider and deeper to capture the power of our vast MindBank. They have continually proven to solve complex strategic, business and policy problems more effectively than broad public engagement or management consultants. We have grown in Australia, an entered the market and in New Zealand with a total of 897 challenges, an expert based of 14,000+ and over 794 user organisations. We have partnered with a leading venture and digital design company Josephmark. Now we’re ready for the world. Mobilising collective intelligence, Mindhive has quickly become the future of surfacing insight: Data Driven Intelligence & Matchmaking AI: Implicit and explicit metrics drawn from participation to create automated matches. Tools Marketplace: Enables 3rd party partners to contribute their tools and services to the MindHive platform. Reputational Design: Status mechanisms designed to incentivise engagement and participation. Growth Mechanics: Referral system and sharing options designed to enable rapid growth of the community. Mindhive connects organisations with a network of innovative minds and provides tools for rapid insight and ideation. MindHive brings together the right people in a room. A room full of tools to rapidly innovate and reach insight. We are a growing community of altruistic, abundant thinkers and achievers. The smartest person in the room is the one who looks beyond it. We speak with a considered clarity. We are respectful, pointed, and enlightening. One platform with the wisdom of many.

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