MindSumo – crowdsourcing from Millennials & Gen Z

MindSumo has built an online platform with over 350,000 Millennial & Gen Z users who submit crowdsourced innovation and insights to over 100 fortune 500 companies. Originally, MindSumo started as a way for college students to showcase their skills to companies looking to hire the next generation of top talent. Over time, this model has evolved to not only provide career opportunities to users, but also help them to hone skills and earn money in the gig economy. Nearly 1,500 challenges have been successfully completed on MindSumo from a wide range of industries. MindSumo focused its community growth on Millennials and Gen Z users because of the value they represent to the global economy. The buying power of these networks has already eclipsed the baby boomer generation, but there is still a problem of unemployment or "underemployment" across these demographics. MindSumo is trying to fix these problems through meaningful work that can be achieved by participating in our crowdsourcing challenges. Additionally, many of our clients do still reach out to users about career opportunities when they identify candidates that would be a good fit. Looking ahead, MindSumo is excited to grow its footprint internationally. Partnerships in Europe and Latin America are already underway, with more hopefully coming in 2019. This will help MindSumo become the global platform for crowdsourcing from Millennials and Gen Z consumers that can bring value to both companies and consumers for years to come.

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