Project Name Myfreight (Freight Management System) -------------------------------------------------- Myfreight, started out 5 years ago to build an enterprise freight management software program that was not just state of the art, but a cutting-edge cloud-based system. We soon became a disruptor in the industry of transport winning multiple local Australian awards. Our software challenge was to develop and enhance our Australian cloud-based Freight Management System (FMS) for global use. The key project development was to extend our system capability due to global demand and was the introduction of machine learning to manage extremely high levels of supply chain data. Machine learning was implemented to assist in managing and developing global blockchain technology, incorporate GS1 standards and utilise massive amounts of global data sources. Myfreight has been so well received by the Australian freight market sector, so much so, that our current global clients have asked that the Myfreight software be enhanced and adapted for their corporate global use. Ongoing New development of our software was required to meet not just corporate client compliance, but foreign governance, laws and regulations. Our system uses our newly developed technology to feed in massive data feeds from transport, traffic, sea, air, emergency and weather data. Out successful software vision was to provide faster and proactive alerting on poor freight delivery and delay issues and behaviors. By alerting us and our users of pending costly delays of freight orders that may impact clients manufacturing, customer orders or business costs. For example: if the plane, sea vessel, train or vehicle does not take off, thus delayed, etc our system will alert on those delays in real time. Also if there are severe weather conditions in areas alerts can be sent to customers advising of the potential delays well in advance. New ways of conducting business and organisational processes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taking our successful and proven software, built for the Australian market and expanding quickly into the global space was both challenging and exciting for our business over the last 5 years. Our first 2 years was our build for our own use only before growing quickly to a licenced product by demand. Our new business vision was to support our current client base with their businesses globally and challenging the prompt development of a new organisational program and team whilst implementing new technologies at the same time providing new functionality and improvements to our client base. It needed to necessitate further HR investment in IT functional expertise by growing our in-house software dev team, the long term future and growth of the company could be assured with success in an areas no other company globally had been able to achieve To do business outside our "regular" borders was one that needed expertise in so many areas and would require careful implementation which included in depth research and communication with foreign potential clients, freight companies, government and regulatory bodies over a long period. We have already rolled out to New Zealand this year adding additional value to our product with new time zones, currencies and laws. This is enabling us to use a measured global approach using a "stepping stone" approach to new countries starting with the Pacific and soon into Asia. Exploiting new opportunities ------------------------------------ Primarily our new Opportunities are to move globally. Whilst building the software system engine room to grow with us and our clients expectations. Taking on new massive amounts of data using our machine learning is providing fast and real time decision making. This is allowing us to also cover all facets of supply chain reporting, not just transport but warehouse activities, order picking predictions, staffing data all provide intelligence then given to the transport providers in real time to provide more efficiencies in overall supply chain. This technology then provides our data dashboard software, so we can provide reports that align side by side against any and all activity across the supply chain network not just within the 4 walls of the clients business but the reporting the unknown issues outside of business like weather and traffic issues outside of their business. A precursor to other new products or services -------------------------------------------------------- The new global landscape of blockchain and machine learning is being used within the Myfreight enviroment and we are also partnered and intergrated with other global systems to deliver the best performance. By partnering and integrating with global leaders in analytics (Domo), and Zendesk for customer service and cloud service providers (AWS) we deliver our clients a fully customized suite of management reports with tailored drill down database information for each unique user and profile. This also developed an immediate precursor to allowing us to manage clients data in multiple cloud regions supporting safe and secure data storage along with supporting data sovereignty. Many large enterprise business require their data to be held in their regions of operations. Our agile enviroment can allow a business that operates globally to have multiple cloud enviroments where they need it to be. This provides us with a key to the future of overall global logistics and data management More efficient and effective performance of the organisation ________________________________________________________ Our software is designed to dynamically reduce costs in business and increase visability over each department within that business to enable better decisions and better service to users. Our technology infrastructure allows not only our client but their carriers and suppliers visibility to keep up with them. We provide real time order picking data inside a warehouse to allow a transport company visibility with planning their vehicles. This also allows the transport company to provide improved service to our client. We provide the cubic, weight and items types to carriers to allow them perfect fleet equipment choice rather than guessing and providing a vehicle to big or too small. We have reduced ours and our clients customer service requirements by providing excellent visibility across the supply chain network. We can also provide accurate eta's of product coming into suppliers and manufacturers to allow for accurate labour control and deadline management. We do not have to visit our clients with monthly reports as it continually presented in real time allowing us the time to continue to improve and move with our clients and allowing our clients the ability to concentrate on their business while we manage their supply chain visibility. All of our software is in a mobile enviroment as well, providing improved visibility to anyone on the run or not onsite to see or watch their supply chain. we also provide ongoing alerts to any activity issues to highlight when something is going wrong. Being a cloud based system, you have visibility anywhere you need to be. We use common processes for our system to ensure it is easy to use and the user acceptance remains high with simple things like elastic search criteria throughout our software. So that drivers and warehouse user can simply begin to type in and it predicts or provides the closest items based on the key words being entered. As our system is easy to use, we can execute new business promptly by way of remote training in minutes and not have to travel and train people like our competitors that provide on premise applications Our global move and machine learning project was determined simply due to client demand and new businesses contacting us from overseas and of course our willingness to remain the leading FMS software provider. We know the markets here in Australia however to grow globally we needed to analyze massive amounts of data and sources globally to review, test and understand the next important steps to growth. We knew that if we had to travel to these countries to "discover" and fact find it would be costly and timely. We knew the technology we were going to have to build so why not build it to assist us with analyzing the necessary data required. The management of change to go global needed to remain in house with our team whilst we had to remotely find the information and data we needed to build our global knowledge base. This provided what we thought could be challenging discipline however resulted in being easy to remain in Melbourne to do all of our analyzing, building and testing. We haven't had to travel to execute any freight movements, interface to any clients systems nor travel to sell our systems. This greatly assisted us in making massive change quickly and efficiently in such a short time frame. We have allowed ourselves this time to build, test and implement to current clients in house. Which now provides us with proven results and success thus providing the blue print to now sell to new business in these new countries. We now have the tools to go to market with the sales team! Using our current clients requiring our system in another country was a primary reason and allowed us to use this model to develop a stepping stone approach for success. By moving across to NZ first with current clients as satisfied users of our system with already implemented and intergrated systems allowed us easy entry without the need to sell to the local market just yet. It also provided the testing and providing successful localisation of the product to set up our go to market strategy, country by country. The seamless step of using our current Australian client base with overseas businesses and offices, provided the path of success. Using the clients that we know and trust our systems, software and people, that we are already intergrated with provided the transition path. The challenges were discoverable when a client provides you with the local pain points and issues. It was easier to then apply the local knowledge and requirements into our code. We will continue to leverage from our global customers who provide the light for us to follow. We will then continue to gain more business clients globally by providing them with proven and tested local success of other clients. Complete freight management With decades in the freight industry, senior management knew exactly what the target market was seeking in other countries being the same as Australia - Real-time reporting, speed, cost control and flexible software options based that will support unique processes and systems of each customer. Real Time Reporting Unlike other freight management systems in the market, Myfreight is advanced in its ability to provide real-time dashboard reports at any point. This is innovative within the industry where traditional reporting was designed for mid-month return on the previous month’s activities, which served no practical use in cost management or the ability to reduce errors made in data entry to the software. As cloud-based software, accessibility of reporting is accessible anywhere, and can be generated on PC, phone or tablet with supporting applications. Reporting is fully customisable and visibility can be controlled and defined by user level and priviliges. Speed Myfreight continues to maximize on the use of disruptive technology which allows for the transfer of information, essentially as fast as "unbelievable". The speed at which it operates directly impacts on increased productivity for our clients. The need for inputting a print command has been omitted with the integration of automated printing. On the completed RF scan of a carton label in the warehouse. The numbers ----------------- Myfreight commences printing of the documentation required at a rate of 6,000 consignments per minute. Myfreight takes 0.14 second to create a print command. Sensory tests in client warehouses concluded a 50+% reduction in despatch time with other tests in customer service returning a 200+% reduction in use of time for administrative tasks – what used to take 3-4 minutes, now takes 10-15 seconds using Myfreight software. We have grown 78% in revenue in the last 2 years 2017 & 2018. We are now running $189M of freight through our software system with an average of 16,335 consignments (jobs) per day - each job is labelled with a choice of over 400+ transport carriers labels, then each job is tracked and traced by integration to the transport carriers systems. Our system reconciles finance invoices at 80,000 lines per second Our corporate clients are currently at 206 which provides 737 various integrations and API's - into ERP's, inventory systems, data systems, online shopping systems, etc We started in Melbourne, we opened in Sydney and Auckland last year. We are now moving into the USA and EU as fast as possible based on demand. Complete Cost Control ---------------------------- Unlike other software, Myfreight provides instant access to freight costs, including all associated surcharges which are often neglected. It allows the user to browse through several carrier options and select which one is the most cost effective, as well as choice in service delivery times which may be important. Carrier costings and rates are always up to date thanks to Myfreight back engine live updates that take seconds and have had zero downtime for the client since inception. Myfreight allows the user to have complete cost control of their transport. Flexibility Myfreight has the scalability and flexibility to be beneficial for any sized organisation. The cloud-based server costs to service a small business or a corporation is only slightly different and so depending on the complexity of the freight carrier mix required and freight consignment volumes there can be vast economies of scale, while also being able to service smaller operations with superior technology they otherwise could not afford to utilize. TESTIMONIALS -------------------- Initially, we compared Myfreight to the so-called competition. The difference, not just in technology but in attitude to customer satisfaction was vast. I am more than happy to recommend Myfreight to any freight sender” – Mark Forest, Masport NZ ________________________________________________________________________________ 'Bunzl has been using the Myfreight software for the past four years. Freight management for us, requires the flexibility of Myfreight software others in the market can not offer. Our business needed a system that was agile and able to deliver results in a dynamic business, warehouse and logistics environment. Myfreight provides live reporting, alerts and outstanding visibility. We had been waiting for Myfreight's global capable software to be released so that we get visibility Trans-Tasman, the New Zealand Bunzl sites being previously operating independently of the Australian sites - Now Myfreight connects our operations across borders and gives global management visibility in a mobile live environment. Myfreight improves every year and is the best I have ever seen!” - Mark Ramsdale, GM Operations - Bunzl Safety __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 minute youtube clip: Corporate Website: CMO magazine online link: AWARDS ------------ The Australian Business Awards (ABA's) We are so proud to be winner of multiple awards 3 years running: 2016 1) Software Innovation 2) Cloud Innovation 2017 1) Cloud Innovation 2) Logistical Innovation 2018 1) Logistical Innovation 2) Cloud Innovation 3) Software Innovation ________________________________________ The ACS digital disruptors awards: 2016 - Gold disruptor award 2017 - Gold disruptor award ________________________________________ The International SaaS Awards 2018 This year we are proud to be recognized Internationally! As finalists and shortlisted in the following 6 awards: 1) Best SaaS product for supply chain 2) Best SaaS Enterprise level product 3) Best Saas product for small business 4) Best SaaS product for productivity 5) Best SaaS product for E Commerce 6) Best Saas product for Shipping

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