MYSA Micro School

Siri Fiske has been piloting an educational program for k-12 students since 2015 that is 100% customized through online crowd-sourced curricula. The school has grown from 8 students to 37 students in two academic years, but the long-term reach is exponential. The price point mimics what the state pays (approximately 20k) to educate a child in the public school, so that public education can also pilot this at an affordable entry point. We track students’ progress using the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards as a mechanism to measure achievement and evidence of mastery learning. This will allow others to recreate our mastery-based learning and customization. Students received customized 'menus' calibrated based on their interests and aptitudes with the idea that every student has different strengths and weaknesses and should not be siloed simply due to their numerical age. Students work on individual menus to build independence and executive functioning and also work with peers for project-based learning. Students' achieve based on mastery learning profiles which is a circular, wholistic, interdisciplinary approach to learning versus a linear model found in online platforms and the public school system. It is the best in combining human ability with technology to serve all students' needs. This educational program emphasizes learning outside of the classroom (approximately 20% of students' time) to utilize free resources in the greater DC area. In using the DMV as a living classroom, students engage in relevant learning experiences supported by classroom enquiry and research. Through individualized crowd-sourced curricula and place-based experiences, Siri is responding to a genuine need for an educational model that is more attuned to the learning needs of the 21st century.

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