Nestlé Partners with Entrepreneurs to Tackle Problems that Matter

Our objective is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, but we can’t achieve such ambitious goals alone. Through HENRi, we’ll combine the creative spirit and ingenuity of external innovators with the scale and expertise of the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Together, we’ll tackle projects that will make a genuine difference, not just to Nestlé and our partners, but to hundreds of millions of people across the world. HENRi helps us pursue our big goals in partnership with equally ambitious start-ups. By connecting the brightest ideas and innovation with our businesses, expertise and market insights, start-ups and Nestlé can leverage respective strengths to collaborate and make the biggest possible impact. Together, we’ll take on projects that matter. Some example challenges that have been posted to-date: - Taking Action to Replace Plastic Straws - Making Recycling More Rewarding and Efficient - Defeating Vitamin D Deficiency - Using Tea Waste as Fertilizer - Nurturing the Next Generation of Farmers - Helping Families with Portion Control - Better Way of Diagnosing Micronutrient Deficiency We’ve launched HENRi to make it easy for entrepreneurs to work with Nestlé, so we want our process to be seamless. The steps below give you an idea of what a start-up can expect, from the moment we post a brief up to the launch of a project. 1. We post a challenge brief. Each brief will have assigned funding of US$50,000 and the backing of a senior sponsor at Nestlé. Challenges are open for a specified amount of time. 2. Start-up applies online. There’s a simple online form to complete to complete in response to the brief. 3. We review and shortlist. After reviewing all the applications for each brief, we shortlist around five companies to continue to the next stage. 4. We contact all applicants – successful or not – within 30 days of the closing date to let them know if they’ve made the shortlist. Those that are not selected are captured as prospective partners for any relevant briefs that may be posted in the future. 5. Start-ups pitch their respective concepts. Shortlisted companies are invited to pitch to the Nestlé sponsor(s) in person or online. 6. We make a final decision. Following the pitches, we select one company to work with. We contact all shortlisted companies to let them know our decision. 7. We agree how we will work together. We engage closely with the selected company to support the development of the pilot, determine the success criteria for the test, and adjust level of funding as needed to achieve success. 8. The project begins. Next, it’s time to roll out the project. Since Nestlé has a large portfolio of iconic brands and hundreds of millions of consumers, a successful pilot can lead to significant scaling opportunities for the selected company. For a quick overview of the site and its features, please watch the following video: We are passionate about tackling problems, and are proud of how HENRi is helping to match us with the brightest minds out there. Together we can accelerate our mutual objectives by bringing start-up visions to life, making a real impact, enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Since the inception of the platform we have already posted 17 different challenges, and we're just getting started. We are thrilled about upcoming projects in the pipeline. HENRi. Partner with us on the projects that matter.

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