Nestle: Powering Agile Ideation With Crowdsourced Internal Startups

As the world’s largest food and beverage company, a presence in 189 countries worldwide, and employing 323,000 staff, Nestlé has invested in empowering every Nestlé employee, regardless of their role, to be part of the company's innovation strategy via InGenius, its Global Employee-driven Innovation Accelerator. InGenius was launched in 2014 in Supply Chain IT in order to crowdsource efficient solutions to complex operational and logistical challenges and was recognised in 2016 by Gartner as a leading example of its kind. Nestlé employees use the InGenius platform to submit ideas, as well as comment and vote on those submitted by colleagues. Those ‘idea owners’ who convince the crowd and a global team of experts are invited to be CEOs of their startup; supported by a dedicated entrepreneurial team, they are led through a rigorous 8-week incubation process to bring their idea to life. Applying a lean startup approach, the ideas are rapidly evolved to viable concepts through prototyping, user validation and pilot market buy-in. Finally these internal CEOs are coached to pitch their concepts to senior level executives in return for funding to develop and launch to market within 3 months. InGenius has since expanded to support all corporate functions including Agriculture, R&D (Food tech), Manufacturing and Human Resources and 'in the market' local challenges. This in-house Accelerator has engaged over 43'000 employees to create over 3400 ideas, submitting over 63’900 votes across 110 countries; 48 of these ideas were converted to viable concepts that have been delivered through the program. These innovations range from new plant-based food technology and consumer products, to affordable IoT water-saving irrigation sensors for farmers in emerging economies, safety driven drone scanning in warehouses and new eco-friendly direct to consumer business models....and many more BOLD innovations. Watch the following video to see how at Nestlé we innovate BOLDLY and support Human InGenuity to deliver our Purpose in enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.!

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