Nestle: Powering Conversational Artificial Intelligence to enhance Customer Experience

New messaging apps and voice assistants have emerged across all markets opening new communication channels and changing the paradigm of how users access information. Today, messaging is already larger than social media (3B monthly unique active users vs 2.5B for social media) and voice searches are expected to reach 50% of total search by 2020. Nestlé Globe Innovation has partnered with artificial intelligence platforms and open standard solutions to implement deep learning capabilities such as natural language processing to design and build chatbots and voice apps. These solutions reach more consumers and employees, engaging them by delivering various services like relevant support, educational advice, recommendations and personalized data-based experiences. At the same time the solutions combine conversational bots and live services agents to ensure always-on and friction-free consumer experiences, re-defining how brands add value to consumers at scale. Some examples of the dozens of conversational products launched since 2016 are: Nestlé Infant Nutrition chatbot in Philippines, Global Nespresso chatbot Recetas Nestlé chatbot in Mexico

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