Open Cosmos

We provide a one-stop-shop solution to orbit that removes the three main space access barriers, mainly: complex technology, time-consuming paperwork and high costs. This is achieved using beeKit, a flexible payload development platform and beeApp, an innovative cloud-based mission and system simulator. beeKit replicates the mechanical and electrical constraints of the satellite platform while still being modular to enable payload developers to change configuration and physical dimensions. beeApp enables full online mission and systems development and space simulation capabilities when the payload is assembled in beeKit. With those tools, customers can focus on developing their technology, run mission designs and simulations included in our beeInnovative service, proceed to hardware development with our beeReady service, and then send it over to us to integrate it in our satellites (beeSat) with our beeOrbital service. We do all the quality testing, then deliver the satellite to our launching partners so they can put it into orbit. Once in orbit, we will continue to provide assistance, operating satellites for our customers so they can concentrate on what they need: the data and services or applications. Open Cosmos is led by its founder Rafael Jorda Siquier, an aerospace engineer with a simple vision, a world where the biggest challenges can be addressed with actionable information coming from satellites. The company was founded in 2015 and has been doubling its size every 6 months. The first satellite was delivered in under 6 months which is an unprecedented achievement and we are now working on missions and constellations for a wide range of applications including customers like the European Space Agency, the UK Space Agency and telecommunication providers among others.

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