Orange Intrapreneurs Studio

The Orange Intrapreneurs Studio offers a 18 months incubation for Orange employees who want to turn their innovation idea into a business for Orange. The employee present their project in front of their peers (200 attendees), and a Grand Jury: if they are selected, they are fully dedicated to their project, become the head of an Internal Start-up of 5 to 10 team members, and receive the support of a Coach from the Intrapreneurs Studio. The program has progressiveley raised in awareness with, 50, 100, and now 150 applications from a dozen of countries. The candidates are supported along the application process to make their value proposition the most impactful, and a dozen of projects are immersed in a 7 days training to prepare the Grand Jury. We estimate that each candidate makes an impact on 1,000 Orange employees, developing the entrepreneur spririt, made of initiative, risk-taking, agility, and customer proximity. The first intrapreneurs from Season 1 are now successfully exiting the Studio, and the impact on business is tangible: 2 out of 4 projects will land in Orange business units, creating a new line of service; 1 project will spin-out as a start-up; the last one will transfer its technology to an Orange unit, and will not continue as a business. Along the way, we have learned to stop a project, and it's not a problem for the intrapreneur, nor for the business. Test and learn approach is blossoming! Projects from Season 1, 2 or 3 take various form: from a connected tracker for your bike or purse, a new distribution channel connecting salesmen to local computer companies, or the reselling of Orange APIs in Africa. Moreover, many intrapreneurs projects use technology for good, creating a positive impact on society: participative democraty with online polls for communities; solving the problem of delivery point for consumers who don't have a street address in Africa; putting on tracks the garbage collection in Guinea; and facilitating social commerce in Ivory Coast with secured Orange money payment. At the end of the incubation, all intrapreneurs will be 'Intrapreneurs Certified', in partnership with a major French School, Polytechnique: it will bring an acknowledged marker on their personal utterly enriched experience. Last but not least, as intrapreneurs from various countries win the incubation ticket, it leads us to distribute the Studio: we are setting-up local innovation capabilities with the corresponding Orange countries to support the development of the intrapreneurs project. This is happening in Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, and various regions of France. We are very proud of this viral network of Studios: we are convincent that by bringing innovation skills at the closet to our customers, Orange is paving the way for a more meaningful, and positive impact innovation, 'Human Inside'.

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