PolyXchange: The Perfect Digital Transaction System

The Perfect Digital Transaction System PolyXchange is a double-entry transaction system: it records and notarizes transactions between two parties setting transaction data into the private blockchain of each party, where data becomes immutable. Everything can be transacted, be that conventional fiat currency, cryptocurrency, data, rights to physical assets, etc. as long as it is traded against another value. Our system is limitlessly scalable thanks to a novel consensus algorithm that can handle a near infinite amount of parallel transactions. It is trustworthy, thanks to its decentralized system architecture, which satisfies military-grade security requirements, providing certainty to users through its consensus algorithm, as well as data privacy through local unalterable blockchains, where data can be deleted if required. And it is real-time, thanks to its original transmission layer protocol. PolyXchange is a perfect digital transaction system for the small to medium-sized businesses, which lack the capital to fund the creation of their own internal blockchain transaction systems. We believe all businesses can highly benefit from an automated digital transaction system, such as the one Polygravity offers, which will allow for internal or external operations to flow faster, securely, and accurately. Thanks to its customizable API, which enables seamless integration with legacy or newly designed software, we can assimilate our solution and tailor it to any business’ needs. Our Technology Polygravity was created to solve the current problems that are hindering the adoption of Blockchain in most industries. The current issue is combining scalability, trustworthiness, and real-time transaction settlement. Nevertheless, Polygravity has combined the three and created a seamless transaction system: PolyXchange. At Polygravity we understand that the future of our economy depends on our digital infrastructure’s ability to let monetary funds flow like information does today; at an unlimited scale, in real-time, and under trusted conditions, all in a cost-effective manner. Polygravity’s transaction system, “PolyXchange”, combines: • Limitless scalability • Real-time settlement
 • Military-grade security
 • Maximum cost-efficiency ...all in line with present-day regulator demands. Who We Are Based in the heart of the European start-up capital Berlin, we are a deep-tech start-up, creating the future of transactions. Polygravity’s team of 6, who have extensive and varied experiences are generating a unique, creative, and fresh working environment. We are a young, energetic, international group, working tirelessly to make Polygravity a reality.

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