Hybrid Intelligence and ScienceAtHome

I am the director of the citizen science project, www.scienceathome.org, in which so far 300,000 citizens from around the world have taken part in solving complex research challenges in physics, mathematics, statistics, chemistry and computer science. We have published one paper demonstrating that players could compete with and augment complex algorithms in Nature in 2016 (Exploring the quantum speed limit with computer games, https://www.nature.com/articles/nature17620). Recently we have also demonstrated a unique mixture of natural and social science, citizen science by setting up another game in which players both solve a complex natural science challenge (directly remote-controlling and optimizing the lasers and magnetic fields of an actual quantum computer experiment in Aarhus, Denmark) and at the same time take part in a structured social science experiment. We see this as a crucial advance towards realizing and calibrating “social science in the wild”. This result has just been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) (https://www.pnas.org/content/115/48/E11231).   We also have conducted first tests of a suite of game to conduct large scale social and cognitive science experimentation in the cloud. We have investigated - human problem solving in the alien game (https://www.scienceathome.org/games/alien-game/) and crystal crop fever (https://www.scienceathome.org/games/crystal-crop-fever/) - the cognitive processes underlying human learning in Quantum Minds (https://www.scienceathome.org/games/quantum-minds/) - human collaboration in the building game (https://www.scienceathome.org/games/)   We are currently collecting all of these and more into an infrastructure that we call the “social science super collider” in parallel to the one in CERN for particle physics aimed at allowed social science researchers from around the world easy access to perform large scale experimentation on our community of citizen scientists.

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