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Tenuto Mini – The First Compact Wearable Male Vibrator

Tenuto Mini is the first FDA-registered compact wearable vibrator for men designed to provide an alternative solution for erectile dysfunction. This vibrating smart device is the first lightweight option to elevate sexual health while delivering an affordable, accessible solution without the side effects of medication.  

Leveraging the award-winning technology of its previous models, Tenuto and Tenuto 2, medical research from urologists across the globe, and user feedback from more than 50,000+ customers, Tenuto Mini features a uniquely user-driven design. Its key goal is to keep sexual health as inclusive as possible for people with specific health restrictions or anatomical sensitivities, such as those with underlying health conditions who cannot take medication or suffer from ED due to post colorectal cancer, post-prostatectomy, back injury, or vascular disorders. In addition, Tenuto Mini’s design extends accessibility to users with scrotum and perineum sensitivities or those recovering from surgical procedures that make those specific areas sensitive to vibration. Considering 52% of men suffer from ED at some point in their lives, this advancement is significant for couples struggling with intercourse due to erection issues. 

Tenuto Mini’s technology utilizes localized vibrational therapy to promote blood circulation, resulting in firmer, fuller erections. Tenuto Mini’s three strategically placed motors and sixteen intensity settings deliver multi-targeted vibrations at key erogenous zones around the penis to increase blood flow, extend erections, prolong pleasure, and provide simultaneous stimulation to a partner’s vulva and clitoris.  

Unlike other penis constriction rings that are rigid, fixed, and don’t allow for ejaculation, Tenuto Mini’s body-adapting material allows the device to sit tightly at the base of the penis and constrict the blood flow to maintain the erection comfortably and allow for ejaculation.  

Tenuto Mini’s medical-grade premium silicone material gives the user a fully customizable experience with flexible body-adaptability that fits most penis sizes, flaccid and erect. Tenuto Mini also comes with a free smartphone app that enables the user to set the vibration pattern and intensity that is most suitable for them. The smartphone app also enables remote connectivity and the ability to create custom vibration patterns for each individual motor for a personalized experience.

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