PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games is the developer of the #1 trending mobile action game, PUBG Mobile. Upon launching PUBG Mobile, Tencent enlisted influencer marketing agency Viral Nation to develop and execute a massive online marketing campaign with the goal to drive brand awareness, game installs and social platform growth. Viral Nation activated 38 influencers and 20 Instagram theme pages across multiple industries during the course of the two month campaign (April 20 to June 18). The agency’s multi-platform strategy employed several tactics which proved to be highly successful, surpassing the target expectations exponentially. The tactics were as follows: 1. “Let’s Play” - Viral Nation partnered with some of the largest and most influential YouTube content creators such as Pewdiepie, Mr. Beast, UnBoxTherapy and more to produce 5 minute videos showcasing gameplay. The results: 16,700,000 total views and 169,000 total clicks to install. 2. “Psychological Warfare” - Viral Nation on-boarded multiple Instagram cosplayers and female gamers to promote the game on their Instagram feeds and stories. The bold idea behind this tactic was to engage these females’ largely male audience to take take interest in the mobile game and play along with their favourite models, gamers and cosplayers. The results: 10,650,000 total views and 87,100 total clicks to install. 3. “Viral Memes/Epic Moments” - Viral Nation’s in-house content team created 30+ pieces of original content in the form of humorous and viral memes, and then distributed them across our network of theme pages on Instagram. Theme pages or social publishers allow for diverse styles of content to be distributed organically to massive audiences and can be targeted towards a specific niche (in this case meme and gaming theme pages). The results: 53,040,000 total views and 191,000 total clicks to install.
 4. “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Cooking Show” - Playing on the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” slogan which appears in-game, Viral Nation produced a 2 hour cooking show to be livestreamed on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube and Twitch accounts. Activating three of the most famed pop culture, gaming and lifestyle influencers (Mia Khalifa, Taylor Alesia and Alinity Divine) to host the show and cook a chicken dinner alongside celebrity chef Danny Smiles (TopChef Canada), Viral Nation was able to bring in a huge audience with over 100,000 views for the livestream. The overall campaign resulted in 80,400,000 total views and 444,000 total clicks to download the mobile game. In just 30 days, using the above tactics Viral Nation was able to grow PUBG Mobile’s social platforms with over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube (April 24 to May 24) and 35,000 followers on Instagram (May 1 to June 1). That’s a pretty BOLD impact if you ask us!

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