Gushcloud Indonesia worked with Tokopedia for their #ramadanekstra campaign in 2018. Tokopedia is an Indonesian e-commerce based unicorn. It is now valued at about USD 7 billion as of November 2018. Its key mission is to democratize commerce through technology. During the month of Ramadan –– the most anticipated season for Muslims in Indonesia –– Tokopedia created a massive campaign called #ramadanekstra through various channels such as TVC, cinema, and digital platform. In this campaign, Tokopedia aimed to increase awareness of their sales promo activity during this fasting month and to inspire the audience through the influencers about Tokopedia as their solution to their daily needs. Tokopedia aimed to reach 200,000,000 internet users in Indonesia and have at least 10% engagement rate or around 20,000,000 users. For this campaign, there were three big phases - Teaser, Big Day, and Recalling. To reach Tokopedia's campaign objectives, Gushcloud Indonesia collaborated with 700 influencers and utilize Instagram as the platform. During the teaser phase, Gushcloud Indonesia let the influencers share their tips and tricks on how to spend the time during Ramadan. From May 1 to 24, Gushcloud Indonesia was able to deliver 470 Instagram feed posts and 162 Instagram stories. Next phase is the big day which was the heaviest stage of the campaign. On May 25, all 700 influencers created an Instagram story and called the audience to swipe up to the link directed to Tokopedia app. The action intended to increase the visit to the biggest promo happened at that day. In just one day, there were a total of 2,430 Instagram stories. The last part of the campaign was Recalling from May 26 to 31. In the third stage, Gushcloud Indonesia wanted to remind the audience about the on going promo period. As Ramadan is known as a month of forgiveness and blessings, we wanted the influencers to post about the goods they bought for their loved ones through Tokopedia. Overall, the campaign was a success and Gushcloud Indonesia was able to achieve the key performance indicators of Tokopedia. Gushcloud Indonesia was able to deliver 3,932 Instagram photos, videos, and stories with a total reach of 433,064,871. The posts garnered a total of 10.87% engagement rate or 47,085,277 engagements. As a result of #ramadanekstra campaign, there were more than 300 million visits on the platform within a month. There was also an increase in the numbers of unique users for about 73 million. In addition, the amount of the transactions on the Big Day (25 May 2018) was the same amount as the total transaction that happened during Tokopedia’s first 5 years. As Gushcloud Indonesia work with 700 influencers from various categories and diverse followers, we have successfully created buzzes throughout Instagram and generated massive amount of transactions within a month.

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