Rappler: #DefendPressFreedom

With a string of continuous propaganda barrelling through its operations and reputation, Rappler fought back through a campaign that boldly reached out and harnessed the power of the community, online and offline. A series of digital content, videos, social posts, facebook widgets, customized newsletters, protests were launched with the goal for people to actively contribute to supporting independent journalism and press freedom. This campaign formed a new form of people power, not just passively but actively as well through Rappler’s crowdfunding and e-commerce platform, the most successful digital crowdfunding initiative in the country as well as triggering social movements - #istandwithrappler, #supportrappler that trended and created an impact locally and globally. Rappler’s #DefendPressFreedom campaign reached the following goals: - Rappler’s crowdfunding platform is the most successful digital crowdfunding initiative in the country to date. It reached its first million for crowdfunding within January 2018 and is growing 101% vs 2017. - Grew subscriber base and unique monthly visitors to 9M per month while revamping new engagement channels like customized newsletters to attract new markets across the world, contributing to 30% increase in programmatic revenue. - Sparked social movements through #Istandwithrappler and #defendpressfreedom that allowed people to take a stand and show their support for Rappler, sparking renewed support and revenue for native advertising and e-commerce, increasing by 6% vs 2017.

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