Rebuild Kerala Project

The Rebuild Kerala crowdsourcing platform is an online portal which allows people from all over the world to help Kerala emerge from the recent unprecedented floods. Sponsors can come online to the portal and get a clear understanding of how the floods have affected various identified sections of society such as schools, houses, anganwadis (local play schools) and so on. Each of these sections have been demarcated into individual projects detailing specifics such as losses incurred, geography of impact and the way forward for rehabilitating the affected victims. Once sponsors fully understand the details, they can commit and donate funds to various causes they connect with the most. When each of these projects complete their funding cycle; rebuilding efforts will commence by Government empaneled agencies and the registered users can track the progress of work ensuring end to end transparency of the project. The platform has the following main modules ● Project Management and Tracking ● Fund Management and Tracking ● Crowdsourcing Donations ● Reporting and Analytics The platform provides transparency in project management to sponsors by displaying project updates on the system. The respective empaneled agencies conducting the reconstruction work will update the status of the project milestones and these updates are verified by the respective District administration. As the milestones are completed, payments are made to the concerned Execution agency/ Vendor. Currently we have listed School rebuilding, House rebuilding, Anganwadis reconstruction and Livestock replenishment from various districts listed under their respective Village/Gram Panchayats. Each project has details about the number of affected units and milestones highlighting the way forward. The government will make sure that the Execution agencies will upload periodic photographic evidence to ensure the completion of these milestones. The platforms current objective is to crowdsource donations from communities and organizations across the globe and channel these donations for specific projects identified by the Government as part of the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. The ultimate goal is to make this platform a face for iconic infrastructure projects carried out by the government of Kerala and involve the local communities in the rebuild efforts to create a sense of ownership with the communities in Kerala. Project information on the portal: Please use the following statistics 1 School Rebuild: Total Number of damaged schools - 720 Total funds requested - Rs 7530.36 Cr 2. Housing Total number of damaged houses - 207793 Total number of fully damaged houses - 14991 Total fund requested for fully damaged houses - Rs 658.14 Cr 3. Anganwadis total number of damaged Anganwadis - 144 Total number of Anganwadis on RBK site - 24 Total funds for Anganwadis on platform - Rs 6 Cr 4 Livestock replenishment Total number of Milch Cows dead - 5163 Total funds for Milch Cows - Rs 36.14 Cr Total Number of Cattle Sheds lost - 10612 Total funds for cattle sheds - Rs 106.12 Cr Total number of Goats dead - 6380 Total funds for Goats - Rs 6.38 Cr Total Number of Ducks dead - 464772 Total funds for Ducks - Rs 9.29 Cr Total number of Poultry dead -1143734 Total funds for Poultry - Rs 22.87 Cr Platform link :

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