TAG LINE REMA, is a remote medical collaboration service dedicated to African doctors. We connect african doctors for better medical decisions. PROBLEM In Africa about one out of two medical decisions is a medical error. And the medical errors would kill one person every 30 seconds in Africa, that's more mortality than malaria and AIDS combined. This is particularly due to the low information level by the doctors, to the distance between the doctors, and the lack of adapted ways of communication between them. SOLUTION To reduce these statistics, REMA aims to improve the quality of medical decisions, by connecting all African doctors through a mobile application. Indeed, REMA is a medical professional network, allowing doctors practicing in Africa, to publish, discuss, resolve patient’s cases and to collaborate in real time whatever the distance, to make better medical decisions and thus save more lives. MARKET SIZE Our target users are doctors practicing in Africa. Today, they are more than 360,000 doctors on the continent and they will exceed 1M in 2025. Also last year, more than $ 3 billion was spent by companies and organizations in medical marketing to bring information to African doctors. All that is awareness, communication and advertising. It is more than 10,000 companies and organizations including among others: the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical industry, ministries of health, international health organizations, medical journals, and other medical societies … CUSTOMERS B-to-C : Doctors and medical students practicing in Africa B-to-B : For profit-making or non-profit companies and organizations, with an interest in communicating with the africans doctors. BUSINESS MODEL - BtoB : We sell to these companies, dedicated pages allowing them to communicate more simply and efficiently in the targeted way with the African doctors. We do this through three levers : Targeted native advertising, Direct marketing, Survey. • NATIVE ADVERTISING: Thanks to our independent advertising web platform ( ), we sell to advertisers interested in an African medical audience, dedicated business pages allowing them to disseminate sponsored publications in the news feed of doctors using the REMA mobile application, which they can target according to several demographic criteria. The price of the sponsored publication campaign varies 0,10 USD per targeted user per day. Advertisers can track the stats and performance of their ad campaigns in real time. • DIRECT MARKETING: We sell to advertisers, the bulk, targeted and instantaneous sending of a press release or important information to medical users of REMA in one or more African countries. The price per user reached varies according to the channel of sending the information, namely : $1 per SMS and 0,5USD per MAIL. This value proposition is very interesting and useful to international health organizations and governments through their health ministries, to instantly disseminate health information to health professionals in their country in case of a health alert or epidemic for example. • SURVEY We also provide our advertisers with a profiling tool suitable for all surveys and surveys targeting physicians practicing in Africa. The price is $1 for each completed form. - BtoC : We sell to Premium users, $50 annual renewal subscription, allowing them to take advantage of the advanced features and options of the REMA app, including the follow-up of practical courses for experts and online medical conferences. TRACTION REMA is used today by 2,000 doctors coming mainly from West African countries, with 75% of active users per month, and we are targeting the 180.000 users by 2022. Also, we cashed in $2,000 from three local companies for validation test of our BtoB market. GOALS & VISION - To reach 180,000 users and a cumulative revenue of $1M by 2022. - To become the reference of remote medical collaboration and the first medical marketing tool in Africa. SOCIAL IMPACT - Improving patient safety by reducing the number of deaths related to medical errors - The reduction of the expenses and important economic losses generated in the field of the health by the overcounts due to the medical errors.

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