Robo Retail

In 2016, Robo Retail built their first Prototype (ROBBY 1.0) and launched the pilot-project at the modern shopping mall, called Q6Q7, located in Mannheim (Germany). The fully automated vending machine featured a one of a kind roll-fronted compactor system (shelves which are compacted on rails one after another) which allowed the system to store 2000 goods on only 15m². When a good stored between two shelves was required by the customer, the shelves automatically separated, and the robot arm grabbed the good. The customer could see through glass walls how ROBBY transported the good from shelve to the terminal within 7 seconds. The prototype only accepts digital payment systems including VISA, NFC, QR Codes to avoid any maintenance related to cash payments and waiting times. The proof-of-concept was a success, and ROBBY 1.0 was sold to the shopping mall. The system proofed to be very reliable and still works perfectly. During 2017-2018, Robo Retail held pilot-project workshops across Germany at potential customers in order to better understand their requirements and how to improve Robby 1.0. After thorough work, Robo Retail is about to launch the new generation: ROBBY 2.0. The interior robotic components are already built and in Germany. The updated platform is solving packaging dependencies of all types of goods and the new modular design allows it to be customizable in size. The main value proposition of the new generation is a packaging independent system in conjunction with the roll-fronted compactor system of the previous generation. Meaning: now the system can store objects regardless of their size and shape. This technical breakthrough allows to store all types of goods and to simultaneously maximize store space. Currently, in total four pilot-projects encompassing the ROBBY 2.0 platform are in negotiation with companies operating in the perfume and cosmetics retail, supermarket and enterprise software industry. These pilots include two store-window-integrations with 24/7 POS and other two mobile solutions for marketing road-show purposes.

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